Monday, February 7, 2011

Blue and Yellow Stationary Set

I decided to create my mom a stationary set for her desk at school after seeing it on another blog.  The good thing about creating it is that I killed two birds with one stone, I got the stationary set done for her and I am also going to be able to enter it in another challenge at More Than Favors Wacky Wednesday Challenge. The challenge was to create something blue, yellow and white.  I love how my stationary set turned out. I am still going to add a couple more details to it but I wanted to go ahead and enter it in the challenge before it was too late.  Comments and questions are always welcomed.

Stationary Set includes:
2 3x3 mini cards
2 3.5 tags
2 Thank you cards
1 address book
1 pen
a pocket for stamps

Stationary Set Closed I still need to add some finishing touches to the outside of the box

One of the Thank You cards that I created to go in the inside of the box.  I used the Create- A Critter Cartridge for most of the images 

Another one of the thank you cards 

Chicky from create a critter for the two gift tags

Goody's inside of the stationary set 

Up Close of what the cards look like in there holders

Yellow box which i still need to add some more touches to is the  address box, the little blue box next to it is the stamp holder and at the bottom is the pen holder

3x3 mini cards

Opened stationary set. 


  1. Wonderful!
    I have left you a Stylish Blogger Award at:

  2. This is terrific!! Did you use SCAL cuts or ??? Very cute! Would definitely like to try making this!! Thanks for sharing!