Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ok so my mom asked me to make her a Birthday card related to tea. When she told me this I went blank. I couldn't think of anything. Then I started thinking and remembered that Lettering Delights had come out with a 3d teapot set. But how was I going to incorporate a card in there? Then it hit me,I remember seeing a pop up slider card so I took the pop up portion of that and incorporated into my teapot

Here it is closed up and looking cute

Here it is with the pop up slider attached to the teapot lid. So when you pull up the lid the little card pulls up with it.

Finally here is the card outside of the pop up slider pocket. For the tiny card I used Make the Cut to type up the saying and insert the tea cup then I just printed it. Then I cut another teacup out and pop dotted it on top of the printed teacup.
My mom really loved it and even asked me to make her one out of blue and white paper though. So I guess I will be making another but with the 3D teacup to match.
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