Friday, April 6, 2012

Sleep over invite

When I first saw the Lettering Delights Slumber Party Cut it set I knew I had to create something with it but what I thought. It has the cutest files on it. Well one of my cousins is planning on having a sleep over so I thought great I could use this file to create invite for her to hand out to her friends.

I chose to use the little girl laying in her sleeping bag for the invite. So to make it unique I thought why not make it so the little girl pulls out of the sleeping bag and that's where the party information is. So I did just that.

I had to play with the file a little to get it to work but I got it. Then when I was getting ready to put it all together I realized that I did not have a stamp that said sleep over I had a stamp for all of the rest of the information except one that said sleep over. So I had to go back and do print and cut on the pull out part so that I could get it exactly like I wanted. In the end it turns out that it makes the process a lot faster then having to stamp all the information. Hope you likey.

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1 comment:

  1. So super cute! Great job putting it all together, well worth the effort!
    Have a great night!