Monday, May 21, 2012

Picture cube

Ok so I have been waiting off on posting this project because I wanted to post it after my mother in laws bday since I was giving it to her as a present. I didn't want her to come across it and spoil the surprise.

For my project I used the 3D dice from The Green Room Kit from SVG Cuts for the photo cubes. I cut out 6 cubes and before glueing them together I had 6 pictures that I had chosen already cut up and ready to be glued on to the sides of my cubes. (By the way i used 6 4x6 photos.) Make sure you glue them before hand that way they will get a good hold.

This is what each one of my cubes looked like there was a part of a different picture on each side of the cube so when you got all 6 cubes together they would form a complete picture for a total of 6 different pictures.

Well I didn't want to stop there I wanted something to put them in that would hold them neatly and securely so I could give them to her. So I started thinking and then SVG Cuts released there 3D numbers kit and it was perfect for my project. I know you are thinking but how or why was that perfect. Well I used the cupcake box and modified it so instead of holding cupcakes it could hold my 6 photo cubes.

This is how it turned it. I LOVE IT!!! For the flowers you see on the outside of the box I used SVG Cuts Lunch with Mom kit . I actually added a cute tag that said happy birthday land attached it with cute twine and a button but I took this picture before I had added that on there. Sorry. So do you want to see how it looks when you open it?
Well here is a pic of it with the lid off

Basically I replaced the circles with squares that were the same size as my cubes.

Well this post is long enough, I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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  1. OMG this is soooo cute!!! I saw this at the Link It Up Tuesday Linky Party! What a wonderful gift idea!!

  2. What a cute gift idea. Visiting from the Link Up Tuesday.

  3. What a great idea- I think my kids would love it too! :)