Monday, September 9, 2013

It's been a couple of months

I know it has been a couple of months since I have been away its just that I have been working on my website and have been super busy with trying to get it ready to launch and all. Also my daughter was out of school so I was doing activities with her and taking her to different things so by the time I got home I was super tired. Anyways I'm almost done with my website, (scroll to the bottom to see a peek at one of the things I will be selling on my site) my daughter is back to her normal routine so back to my normal routine I go. Yah! More crafting time for me! Well thanks for stopping by please stop by soon.

What you think? You like it. I plan on selling a whole lot of different custom tumblers with vinyl. So if you would like any custom tumblers made please email me and let me know. As soon as my website is done you will be able to see more options and some more of the different things I will be selling.

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