Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick post

Well it was a perfect evening for crafting. So I thought. My daughter fell asleep super early tonight since she started swimming lessons she has been really sleepy. I thought well that's a great thing now I can work on crafty all night long. WRONG! Boy was I. Went into my crafting room sat down and got ready to start cutting on my silhouette and guess what???

My blade finally went out. Like seriously out. It would just act like it was cutting but it would not cut anything. I tried everything to fix it but eventually I gave up. I gave up only because first I started thinking I had not changed the blade since I got it and that was back in December. I use it almost everyday so I wore that poor blade out. Second, maybe it was a sign that I need to just give it a break and relax for the evening since I have been sick. So that's what I did. I put it all down and took a break.

With this being said I won't be able to post any awesome projects until I go to Michaels and buy a new blade or order one online have not decide how long I can go without crafting. Knowing myself I won't be able to even last past tomorrow.

Just thought I would update everyone in case you all were wondering why I had not posted anything this week. Hope to post something soon though so please come back and visit me

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